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Our Energy Productivity Innovation Challenge (EPIC), seeking high impact, highly transferrable market solutions to energy productivity, closed for entries on 19 September. If you would like to be included in our EPIC report, due out in early 2017, which will frame our advocacy programme to governments calling for front-line policy pilots to spur energy productivity, you can still register, enter your solution and tell us the market issues you face, or policies you'd like to see implemented. You will benefit from access to a new global ecosystem network, potential commercialisation partners, and public and private sector policy experts driving energy productivity.

19 September 2016

Submit solutions (by 9pm Pacific Daylight Time) and join the Energy Unlocked platform
13-14 October 2016
Early November 2016

Finalists and winners in each of the categories will be announced
Early 2017

Our report will amplify business messages for how governments can accelerate energy productivity market solutions
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Energy efficiency, services, and energy access
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Commercial and industrial building IoT automation, energy-as-a-service and integrated building optimisation solutions
Mobility 9fbb46aa53c92a01ad0e5f43777a1348b522ab9fbe4ea917792e0287f6377ca7


Public or private mobility, electrification of transport, modal shifts and efficiency within modes.
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Power or industrial system optimisation, integrated solutions across sectors, electricity storage and demand response, new business models and peer platforms
Financing 3e72ccb48c9b2613e82468b8a47cc532730f258743d5ac30d93933d8a9cab6f6


Innovative financing to increase the pace of uptake of productivity solutions

Global Jury

Iaincampbell 13eadba462ae6f529f5c164a2e19df9d89468a87645bad7eb38e60af5eb2d942
Iain Campbell
Managing Director
Rocky Mountain Institute
Juancarloscastillarubio 424b2f7593b2dfa51ae694d9f982b1f7f38afc59584d7548f16ba0c86c0dc96a
Juan Carlos Castilla-Rubio
Space Time Ventures, Planetary Skin Institute
Haisenberger 173e59df7002c8c64fc8bc19c10d401509fd98e256c3858cf8ddb9c96c3d48ab
Nicholas Eisenberger
Managing Partner
Anirbanghosh ba39bb0b65e24627fbbc05a73c04239967546bb491e8785f2d1061653d37599c
Anirban Ghosh
VP Group Sustainability
Mattgolden b8c8b42053e0150452619b91c2e535cb38180f02a8a3ade6b729c8b34f26d218
Matt Golden
CEO, Open Energy Efficiency
Senior Energy Finance Consultant, EDF
Danhamzagoodacre 2cf297c1f8509149988c55d2e1ba37a18bd3cc38219c74d7283d0f1b3f227b73
Dan Hamza-Goodacre
Program Director
Energy Efficiency, ClimateWorks Foundation
Humin 73021566c95e4e468c893cef61d7d15d2ed0975c90b99cb79d97120ad4334cd4
Min HU
Program Director of Low Carbon Economic Growth
Energy Foundation China
Joelmakower 8265bc9674004f6006d3f38cd9ca50a9d5fcf9ce270a05882f0a621a8b15075f
Joel Makower
Chairman and Executive Editor
GreenBiz Group Inc.
Brianmotherway d9611d1a8695eefa84a294c696a871cee30184254faa74e1ff2e442c46d87a6e
Brian Motherway
Head of Energy Efficiency
International Energy Agency
Meryanomi bdb7baf4c2ac7ddbed3b953abcbcc69c62de6079996371bcda2a920c27ebe149
Meryam Omi
Head of Sustainability
Legal & General Investment Management
Leah 1165aa1ae9905d3dfe59c69b1c7b72101725b6f154124f9fcbae67134153aabc
Leah Seligmann
Director, Net-Zero
The B Team
Jimwalker 83d6a8862a0f06d4fed98189a8602173b8c35493c0fec86c7438707cb8bb3faf
Jim Walker
Executive Director
Climate Mobilization Fund
Mollywebb e483c4909710c1c49c2752e9d067b6cab72f19e5d0e80197db551cd4cc6d3bed
Molly Webb
Energy Unlocked
Terriwills 57c0df089bafabd86a6182b70c5dc1e4886b26af5e5010498907321fe5ccba4a
Terri Wills
World Green Buildings Council
Michaelwilshire 3ca1adefce653877ae42130849efde3beb3190ba5d77149e6914ded9a102adf0
Michael Wilshire
Head of Analysis and Transformation
Bloomberg New Energy Finance