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Blue Inductive GmbH
Efficient wireless power

A new generation of mobile robots is revolutionizing industrial production, logistics and many other branches. At the same time, self-driving electric cars have a promising future and will redefine personal mobility. Both trends are driven by innovations in sensor technology, artificial intelligence and modern battery technology. And both trends require a reliable, fully automated and efficient energy supply. We offer a perfect solution with our efficient wireless superchargers. Our systems transmit energy completely contactless over the air through a magnetic field (magnetic induction). The systems consist of a stationary transmitter unit with a charging pad, that can be integrated seamlessly into the ground, and a mobile receiver unit mounted to the vehicle. The founders are leading experts in power electronics and were responsible for developing a 22 kW wireless charging system at the Fraunhofer Institute. The system is able to recharge a typical electric car within 1 hour. With an exceptional efficiency of 95% our technology outperforms existing wireless chargers in terms of size, efficiency and costs. This progress is made possible by our innovative etaLINK technology (several patents pending). Our charging systems allows to unleash the full potential of electric public and private transportation.

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