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SAHT Energy, LLC
Unlock the power of canals

SAHT Energy is dedicated to commercializing the newly-patented Suction-Augmented Hydropower Turbine, patent number 9097233. Our mission is to create power farms along canals and rivers with this modern ducted turbine. Many sources have quantified the amount of power available in these water conveyances, but as yet there has been no flotation turbine that can extract this energy. The SAHT is the next-generation hydro turbine that can create a new industry similar to wind farming, by harnessing the untapped energy of canal systems, with no civil works and no environmental impacts. The SAHT is a drop-in solution that side-steps regulatory and investment constraints. The amount of power available in canals is enormous, and SAHT Energy has the technology and the business strategy to build this new industry.

Private Sector

  Eugene, Oregon USA

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