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SMAP Energy
Creating value from energy consumption data

By 2020 over 800M smart meters are expected to be installed worldwide. Alongside this widespread implementation comes the unprecedented potential for increases in operational efficiency and customer insight. However, utilities and other aggregators of energy consumption data must be able to pull out the complex insights contained in this data to take full advantage of the opportunities. Our mission is to help these companies fully utilise their data to reduce the cost of energy, increase profitability, reduce emissions, and enable innovative service offerings. Based on three years of expert research at the University of Cambridge, Smart Meter Analytics Platform (SMAP) is a B2B SaaS product for understanding the underlying behavioural drivers of energy consumption, translating it into commercial action, and channeling it into operational benefits and next-generation services. SMAP is a ready-to-deploy solution for energy companies who have smart-meter data access and want to start understanding the insights contained within. SMAP is provided as a monthly subscription, priced to be both cheaper and more effective than any internal data science team or existing IT solution. SMAP requires no additional hardware installation and its data requirements are uniquely minimal - only customer ID, timestamp, and measured consumption on an hourly basis are required - allowing for flexible integration at the earliest stages of smart meter implementation. What makes SMAP truly valuable is its novel algorithmic methodology that puts the emphasis on consumption behaviour, as neglecting this aspect leaves many opportunities unexplored. With SMAP, we’ve been able to demonstrate a peak-time load consumption reduction of 10% - equivalent in the UK to every household saving £30-£50 (~4%) on their energy bills annually. With SMAP, we are helping utilities unlock additional value from their collected consumption data, enabling next generation services like: -Domestic/SME demand-side response -Vulnerable customer monitoring -Time-of-use pricing and customer selection

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  Cambridge, UK

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