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SolarCoin Foundation
Like Airmiles for Solar Energy Generators

SolarCoin offers a reward for Solar energy producers globally. SolarCoin operates in 23 countries and is recognized by IRENA. The reward available to any generator of solar electricity is worth $4 billion USD. 1 SLR is given in exchange for each proven 1MWh of solar energy generation. SolarCoin is also supporting the ElectriCChain project which is working on deploying a 1GW equivelant ElectraField of 100,000 ElectraSeed nodes delivery 100Wh/Day for 100 people in an emerging Asian country. The goal is to provide a standard reference tool for micro-grids to replace large generating facilities with a full stack dynamic billing, generation, metering storage solution enabled by blockchain and mobile technology.

Private Sector,Solution/services provider

  United States, Tokyo, Berlin, Andorra, Tel Aviv

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