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Become Energy Ltd
Make positive energy simple

Through battery storage, we are redesigning infrastructure development by turning businesses electricity liabilities into dynamic and engaging assets. And throughout the journey we’re addressing numerous market problems & challenges along the way. We believe that electricity should be a positive part of our lives and businesses. But today, electricity is a challenge. It’s defined by cost increases and a reliance on polluting, inflexible & old-fashioned fuels and technologies to power a 21st century world. The light at the end of this tunnel is powered by renewable energy, although unlocked and fully utilised through battery storage. An obvious solution perhaps, but renewables and battery storage are mixed up in a complex and unpredictable knot of technology, terminology and tariffs. We know how to make this simple for your business, and can show you how it will deliver valuable savings and impact. Our customers have more control over their operational energy use, and generate new diverse income streams from otherwise underused assets. Stadiums, carparks, basements, fields, academnic institutions and even vacant floors of a building can become the foundations of a smarter way to power your future through embracing battery storage. We make positive energy simple for you by bringing: * Access to experts with the technical and financial experience to design and deliver the right solution for you. * A managed service that guides you through the process of getting your project set up and generating income. * Confidence based on years of experience helping everyone from facilities managers to farmers unlock the value of positive energy. So we invite you to be our partner in positive energy. Would you like to join us?

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