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8m:nutes was founded in 2015 to help accelerate India’s transition to clean energy. As India reached grid parity, we began our mission to make solar energy affordable and accessible to a billion people. Today, 8m:nutes energy consumers produce their own energy from their very own roof, setting a paradigm shift in the fabric of how energy has been produced for over a century. Every home that choses to switch to clean solar energy, makes a commitment to move forward to a better way for generations to come. Each day we are breaking barriers towards mass adoption of clean energy by spreading awareness, building communities, creating financial incentives, and delivering cutting edge technology. We innovate relentlessly to deliver the most advanced products and solutions that are fundamentally changing the future of energy.

Private Sector,Solution/services provider

  K-317/18, 3rd Floor, Giriraj Bhawan, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

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