Amici Enterprises
Cool, Clean, Conditioned Power

Our product is the MPTS (Maximum Power Transfer Solution) - a revolutionary new technology that produces cool, clean, conditioned power that 1) reduces current and wasted power 2) removes harmful transients and harmonic distortion from an electrical network and 3) reduces greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing power usage for an inductive/mechanical motor. We've tested our product on everything from AC units and Air Handlers to CNC machines, pumps, conveyors, palletizers, etc. The thing that sets are solution apart is that is both dynamic (meaning it changes with the varying loads) and also protects the connected equipment (by removing THD and transients) from the electrical network. Our product has the ability to make older technology (e.g. older air conditioners - work much more efficiently without replacing them). If you are interested in diving deeper into the technology, please contact me and we can follow-up with you. Thanks, -Derek Chan, CEO AmiciEnterprises

Private Sector,Solution/services provider

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