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Opus One Solutions

Opus One Solutions is a software engineering and solutions company with the vision of a Connected Energy Internet, delivering real-time energy management to the modern grid. In the past month alone, we were named the Top 100 Clean Tech Companies in the world by the Clean Tech Group, further the Globe and Mail named Opus One Solutions as one of Canadian cleantech start-ups getting ready for a breakout year. Opus One was inspired by firsthand experience with the challenges of integrating an increasing number of customer-sited Distributed Energy Resources (DER), with traditional utility distribution systems. Our mission is to create a real-time distributed intelligence platform called GridOS® that could integrate renewable energy resources into the existing distribution network to address the challenges Utilities are facing today. Our goal is to empower utilities gain visibility, insight, and with management of DERs with GridOS, the leading software solution for real-time, model-based, 3-phase AC unbalanced decision-making for DERs on the distribution network. With GridOS, utilities can unlock the full potential of DER, microgrids, and transactive energy markets.

  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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